Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing still remain a very effective way to market

The biggest benefit of Email marketing is that it allows marketers to reach out and connect to potential buyers like no other method.

While it is true that target audiences spend time on popular social media sites like Facebook, marketers still need email to effectively grab their attention.

Social media followers may miss a post, but with email, your subscribers have a higher chance of seeing an email. The proven success of email marketing is why this remains a vital part of marketing campaigns.

If you have built an email list of good quality, then you already have an interested audience waiting to hear what you have on offer next. You just need to grab their attention an impress them with your email strategy.

Because email marketing is such a powerful tool, multiple brands and businesses may be flooding the inboxes of your target audience. You must be consistent in your strategy and ensure that that you stand out above everybody else. To do so, you will have to be consistent in the value that you offer to your audience. You need them to want to continue to receive and open your emails every time.

Best email marketing strategies

Always choose the wording in the subject line of your email carefully. This is extremely important as this is the first thing that the recipient will see. This will play a major role in prompting them to read or discard the email.

The subject line must sound enticing. This must motivate the recipients to want to open the email to find out what else you have to say. Very important – Do not disappoint. The content of your email must always deliver what your subject line has promised. If there is a disconnect between your subject line and the content of your email, the reader will feel cheated. If this is the case, the potential client will likely never open one of your emails again.

Statistics have shown that on average more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Mobile devices limit the number of characters displayed. Keep this in mind when choosing the wording of your subject line and where possible, try to limit it to a maximum of five words, depending on the length of the words you choose. Send test emails to your mobile devices, when starting a new campaign, so that you can confirm what it will look like on a mobile device.

Body of the email

Email marketing has the potential to work wonders in any type of business and in any industry, if you use the correct techniques.

As with any form of advertising, it is important to know your audience, and know what will resonate with them.

People generally react positively if they get personal attention. Choose your wording in your emails in such a way that every reader will feel that you are talking to them directly.

It is often a good idea to picture yourself in a room, with your audience sitting in front of you, when you write the email. This will encourage you to treat your readers like people and not only as an inanimate mailing list.

Start your email to immediately reassure the reader that the email will deliver on what the subject line promised. A weak start to the email could mean that the reader will not bother to read further.

Wherever possible, include headings and bold text in your content. The purpose of this is to draw the reader’s attention, if they do decide to only skim through your email.

The body of your email needs to provide value to the reader. Also make use of this opportunity to build trust. Include good reviews that you received wherever possible but be careful that it does not disrupt the flow of your content.

Keep the reader engaged but do it in such a way that you encourage them to act on what you are offering. Add urgency by making use of limited time offers and coupons.

Studies have shown that the longer the reader takes to act on the offer, the less the chance for them to act on it at all. Clearly indicate what action they can take and by when.

Email testing

Testing is an important factor in email marketing.

Monitor the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns. Test different strategies and record the results. The results will provide you with a good indication of which strategies to focus on and which strategies are not working.

Make use of an email marketing service provider like AWeber who provides split testing. The added bonus is that not only are they one of the top email marketing services, but they also have a team of email marketing experts to assist you. This will save you time, money and frustration.

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